Raw Buckwheat and Blueberry Porridge

This is one of those breakfasts that I was thinking about when I went to bed the night before (although to be honest that’s not exactly a rare occurrence with me!). It’s a cold porridge with a smoothie-like texture. Each time I’ve made it I’ve topped it with a different mix of seeds, fruit and nuts and it always works. The recipe is from Deliciously Ella. I’ve tried lots of her breakfasts and this is one of my favourites. I made it for friends recently and they instantly¬†asked for the recipe link to make it again! You need to soak the buckwheat overnight (soaking any nut or grain makes it easier for your body to digest and get all the good stuff in it) but aside from that it’s really quick to whip up in the food processor in the morning. I used frozen blueberries and they worked well. I haven’t tried any variations yet, but it would be really easy to switch up the fruit used (always use the banana though as it really makes the smooth texture). My next stop would be raspberries or mango. Yum!

Raw Buckwheat and Blueberry Porridge 2


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