Sprouted Amaranth Porridge with Grilled Banana

On my quest to experiment with different porridge bases, my first stop was a yummy buckwheat recipe. This time around I’m having a go with Amaranth. It’s a gluten free grain with very small granules, slightly smaller than chia seeds. The ‘sprouted’ part of this porridge is simply referring to the fact that the grain is soaked overnight before cooking. I’m finding myself doing this more and more with grains, so it does mean I have to be thinking ahead about what I want for breakfast the next day (something I find fun anyway!), but other than that it is really easy – just pop the grains in a bowl, cover them with water and leave them on the bench to wait for you until morning!

I’ve tried a few different amaranth porridges over the last little while and this one has been the nicest yet. The recipe is by Madeleine Shaw. Amaranth will not be everybody’s favourite porridge base. Its texture is a bit grainy, even when cooked for a while and it has a very distinct malty, nutty flavour that some might find a bit overpowering. I like it, and thought it was particularly nice with the banana grilled in coconut oil and cinnamon. It does take longer to cook than oats, (around 30 mins all up) so it’s probably more of a weekend breakfast. This dish is rich and sweet, so save it for a day that you feel like a treat or for dessert in a brunch line-up. All up a successful foray into the world of adventurous porridge – brand new taste, unique texture, memorable combination.

Side note: I’m only just learning how good amaranth actually is for you – but here is some pretty impressive information to start with! I think I might need to keep experimenting with this interesting grain…

Amaranth Porridge with Grilled Banana 1


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