Acai Bowl

This post combines two things that you will find on nearly every healthy foodie blog going around at the moment – the acai berry and smoothie bowls. It’s quite possible that both of these could be fads that will be superseded sometime soon, but in the meantime I have been experimenting with them and I have to say that lots of yummyness has ensued!

A quick web browse will tell you lots about the acai berry (pronounced ah-sah-yee), but the short story is that it has the highest antioxidant levels of any food ever tested, so it adds a powerful healthy punch to any breakfast. It is pretty much impossible to get the actual berries outside of the Amazon. You will find it in health food shops as a powder, frozen puree or capsules. It is really expensive but you don’t use much. I bought my powder at The Source Bulk Foods, so I could take my own jar in and just buy a little bit to start with.

Smoothie bowls don’t need much explaining – put your smoothie in a bowl! I find I eat my smoothies out of the glass with a spoon half the time anyway, and in a bowl it’s much easier to add lots of bonus goodness in the form of toppings.

This post is the first go at something I’m hoping to do with quite a few breakfast staples – a choose your own adventure! Rather than give you a definitive recipe, I’ve combined elements of lots of different versions into ingredient categories and quantity guidelines so you can get creative! My hope is that it provides some structure if you’re branching out into something new, but also gives you the confidence to experiment. Here goes!

Acai Bowl choose your own adventure guide – per serve

Acai base

1 tablespoon of acai powder or

1 pack of frozen acai puree or

lets face it, you can leave this out and you’ll just have a good old regular smoothie bowl!

Fruit – all either fresh or frozen

*Frozen fruit makes the smoothie thicker and more sorbet-like

*Choose the total amount based on your hunger

1 banana – I would suggest always adding this to create a creamy texture but it is possible to leave out

1/2 – 1 cup of other fruit of your choice, berries being the most common go-to


1/4 – 1 cup almond milk, coconut milk or other milk of choice – add this last and gradually until you get your preferred texture

Flavour (and goodness) additions

tablespoon of almond or other nut butter

1 medjool date

tablespoon of coconut oil or desiccated coconut

tablespoon of raw cacao

dash of vanilla

Nutrition additions – don’t change the taste but boost the goodness

1 – 3 tablespoons of seeds – ground flaxseed, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pepitas or a mix

a small handful of spinach leaves

teaspoon of maca powder, bee pollen or other superfood of choice

Topping suggestions

seeds (as above)

raw buckwheat grouts

goji berries

chopped fresh fruit

shredded coconut


cacao nibs

bee pollen

nut butter

Blitz it all in a blender, top with yummies and enjoy!



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