Millet Porridge Two Ways

Long time no post! Although I haven’t got around to posting anything new the last little while, I have kept up the experimenting at breakfast time and now have a stash of recipes ready to throw out there! I guess being a mum of an ever more active little one doesn’t mix so well with consistent blogging – at least for me!

So, first cab off the rank – millet. I had never cooked with this grain before, and my initial research suggested that it could be used as part of both savoury dishes (such as salads in a similar vein to cous cous) and – lucky for me – sweet dishes like porridge!

I actually tried three different recipes with my purchased batch of millet – the title reference to ‘two ways’ is because I first tried cooking the grain whole and then I tried a couple of different versions of ‘cream of millet’ where I ground the grain into a flour (in my Thermomix) before then cooking it as a porridge. This second style was my personal preference – maybe because I used to have creamed rice as a treat when I was a child and the ground millet felt very similar. As with all porridge what really makes it is the added flavours and toppings, for which the recipes I tried had some yummy new ideas.

Here’s a summary of each of the three versions I tried:

1. Simple Whole Grain

First time around I wanted to cook the grain very simply so I could discover the texture and taste without too many distractions. I ended up looking at quite a few different recipes to get a guide and then just cooked the whole millet grain on the stove top with almond milk. My suggestion would be to start with three times as much milk as grain, and be prepared to increase that to four times as much if you prefer a runnier texture. See how you feel once it’s cooking. In terms of serving size, I’d say 1/3 cup of raw millet per serve is on the smaller side and 1/2 cup per serve is a hungry person’s breakfast. Taste wise – millet is the mildest new grain I’ve tried. Not offensive but not super memorable either. Could be a good option if you or your kids are not very adventurous with flavour but you want to diversify your morning nutrient intake. I topped with almonds, pepitas and dried strawberries, and then added a dash of maple syrup.

Simple Millet Porridge

2. Creamed Millet with Vanilla and Spiced Strawberries

This time I wanted to try a creamed version, and I thought this recipe from The First Mess sounded delicious. I didn’t have lavender on hand, so I tried a version of a spiced strawberry mix that I had made another time from My New Roots. The flavours were delicious, and it’s still on my to do list to try the lavender strawberries another time. For the porridge base I followed the recipe and went with the 4 to 1 liquid to millet ratio. The flavours were good but I either cooked it for too long or needed to add more liquid as the final product was quite stodgy. Luckily the fresh and flavoursome strawberries saved the situation. All part of the learning experience hey?

Simple Millet Porridge

3. Creamed Millet with Coconut and Ginger

I thought the flavours in this recipe from Choosing Raw sounded delish but it only called for a 2 to 1 liquid/millet ratio (confused yet?!), and after my previous trial I was hesitant to avoid stodge-land. So I used all the flavouring suggestions but stuck to the 4 to 1 ratio. I also cooked it more gently so the liquid didn’t boil away so fast and pulled it off the heat when it was thinner than my last batch.  The result? Winner! Seriously yum and definitely my favourite millet experience so far. I topped with dried figs, walnuts and goji berries plus some extra coconut milk.

Simple Millet PorridgePhew! Happy millet adventures!


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